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I am an ex tea planter with 9 years experience working with Tea plantations in India in Assam-North East India and Munnar – Southern India. During my career I was associated with Tata Tea Limited one of the largest tea companies globally. My experience was in all aspects – Agricultural, Manufacture, Marketing of teas. I have very detailed exposure in tasting and qualifying all types of teas manufactured in India – Orthodox and CTC teas.

I am a certified Tea Sommelier certified by the Tea Association of Canada. During my training I was exposed to tasting and learning about teas from all over the world- India, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Srilanka, Kenya, Argentina. Different types of teas I was exposed to were – Green, Black, white, Oolong, Pu-erh. My endeavor is to leverage my experience in providing – unique blended teas and high-quality teas from India and from other parts of the world.

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