Why you should drink more Darjeeling Tea – Darjeeling tea has uniqueness which is not present with any other teas. It is called the Champagne of Teas. The tea has a distinct and unique muscatel character, varying by season but generally bright and brisk.

Darjeeling is located in North-Eastern India. There are 90 tea estates ranging in elevation from 750-2000m.

The taste and flavor of Darjeeling teas are incomparable and occupy a special place in the world of teas.

The teas are mainly of Chinese variety – Camelia Sinensis VAR Sinensis and also mixed variety which is hybrid of Assam and Chinese variety. Therefore, there is uniqueness imparted as a result of the variety of tea as well as the soil and elevation and terroir of the region.

It is lighter and less astringent than most black tea but more complex than green teas.

The same Darjeeling teas from the same plantation will have different taste and characteristics depending upon the time period when it is harvested. The time period is called flush.

Typically, there are 4 flushes. First flush occurs between March and April. Second flush is during May and June. Third flush or Monsoon flush happens between July and September. Finally, the Autumn flush is from September to October. Teas will vary in character, appearance, and taste in all four flushes.

First flush teas are delicate, highly appreciated and some of the highest priced teas anywhere. These teas are mild, floral with delicate muscatel notes, with bit of astringency. The leaves are greenish and less oxidized.

Second flush teas are full-bodied, round, muscatel with more strength and character. These are more oxidized and have a fair amount of tip. These are considered by some the best of Darjeeling teas.

Monsoon teas are darker, plainer in liquor and of lesser quality than the first two flushes.

Autumn teas are fuller bodied with stronger liquor.

Majority of the Darjeeling teas are manufactured as orthodox teas. To experience unique and distinct quality of black teas, experiencing Darjeeling teas is the way to go.

With Darjeeling teas, you will experience the versatility in the teas during different flushes which is entirely distinct from any other region. The flavor profiles and the aromas are of the highest quality that can be experienced.

Darjeeling teas are excellent black teas and a worthwhile and unique tea experience.