Light and floral teas are ideal for springtime because they taste good and some of them help alleviate allergies experienced during this time.

The list of recommended teas to drink during the spring are as follows:

Silver Needle

One of the most popular high-end white teas, it has a mild and grassy taste and will refresh you. It has a unique look as the tea leaves are covered in fuzzy silver hair because they are picked when very young.

Ti Kuan Yin

This legendary Oolong tea is from the Fujian province in China. One of China’s most popular Oolong and very time consuming to produce, there are over a dozen steps in the processing of this tea. The tea produces a full-bodied, nicely balanced, and delicious brew.

Lotus tea

A very interesting herbal tea which has a floral and fresh taste, this tea is made out of drying a lotus plant and brewing it into herbal tea. It has no caffeine; therefore, you can drink it anytime of the day. It is also a nice tea to consume before meditation to get you in the right mindset. It is one of the most ancient teas of Vietnam and uses green tea base with lotus plant.

Jasmine tea

Produced mainly in China, Japan and Vietnam, this tea has a green tea base that is scented with the aroma of Jasmine. It is known for producing calming effect.


This caffeine-free herbal tea is mild, slightly sweet with earthy flavor. Rooibos meaning red bush is a plant that has origins in Southern Africa and has high flavonoid content which provides immune system build up and is a known anti-oxidant.


Originating in the Yunan province of China, this tea quality improves with age with leaves dating back decades. Leaves ripened for few years have sweet floral quality with noticeable bitterness. Mature Pu-erh which is aged for 10-20 years has complex earthy tone and character.

Ginger and Turmeric Tea

Ginger and turmeric teas have anti-nausea benefits and anti-oxidant properties. In tea they combine deliciously with a lemon slice, few tablespoons of honey and fresh air of a Spring afternoon.

A combination of these teas is most suitable and blend perfectly with blooming flowers, soft breezes and warm afternoon air, quite like these bright herbal and earthy brews.